Residential estate and individual plots follow the shape of the street like a fan. Gently continued existing, rather diversified, buildings. Due to the limits of the parcel (border of new development areas and flood area) houses were located very close to the street and landscaping designed so that the ground floor is located above level of one-hundred-year flood. Each of the buildings is attached double garage. In the connecting neck between the garage and the house is located entry. Rotation of the objects provide future owners enough privacy. Wish of the developer was to design a house type that can be easily adapted the client wishes or to distinguish, without shape changed. Three walls of the house are conceived as a smooth solid shell, into which it is inserted and embedded completely different structure - roof and south facade are to be made from significantly different cladding materials (eg. metal plates, shingles, etc..). Another layer consists of sliding blinds and shutters.

(work for the studio RH-Arch, job description: co-operation on the study and project planning permition)