The project solves reconstruction of the area of the former steam mill in the village Uhříněves.
The former steam mill on Square Bratří Jandusů, which has been over time rebuilt into a department store Alfa represents within the city entirely different scale. The projected apartment buildings  has different heigt (two-storey parts up to five-story tower) a create a smooth transition between the high old building of the former  mill and low-family houses in the street U Starého mlýna.
The mass respond to existing street front of houses and is topped with a landmark - a corner tower. Around this place are on the ground floor designed commercial spaces and the resulting space becomes a new point for the meeting. Corner tower accents this place and is pointing out the entrance  into the residential premises (pedestrians can go through it and shorten the way towards school, church, etc.)

(Work for the studio RH-Arch, job description: collaboration on study and project for planning permission and related engineering)